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Animal and Pest Control

Pet ownership has many benefits, but with ownership comes responsibility. The Town of Wynyard must ensure that the rights of all citizens are not infringed upon by irresponsible pet owners. 

The Town of Wynyard has contracted Andy Labdon as Animal Control Officer to deal with any animal-related issues in Wynyard. He can be reached at the shelter 639-947-7135, cell phone (that will be on him at all times) 306-560-9006 or by email at 

Any animal pickup will be posted to the Town of Wynyard website and social media accounts. If animals are not claimed, they will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and adopted out to homes. You may also contact Andy to trap wildlife and skunks. 

If you have issues with vermin, mice, rats, and pests, please contact Wayne McKay, Pest Control Officer at 306-530-1538, or please call the town shop at 306-554-3303 for gophers issues.