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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan aims to provide a comprehensive view of our community’s vision and priorities and the goals we aim to accomplish over the next 5 years. On November 24, 2021, the Town of Wynyard Council held the strategic planning session at the Council Chambers in Wynyard, Saskatchewan. Council adopted a mission, vision, and strategic objectives.

Strategic Objectives

Town of Wynyard Council listed the following priority programs and projects for the next five years:

  • Complete Water and Sewer Line Upgrade
  • Establish a Waste Management Plan
  • Sportsground Upgrade
  • Asset Management
  • Re-establish the Emergency Measures Organization and create an emergency plan
  • Boost economic development efforts
  • Road and Sidewalk Repairs
  • Develop an internal and external communications strategy
  • Website Upgrade
  • Create realistic capital and operating budget
  • Enhance tri-town cooperation
  • Determine the purpose of the Food and Beverage service at Co-operative Place

2021 Strategic Plan