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Swimming Pool

Address: 312 Ave. D.E, Wynyard

Phone: 306-554-2222

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Swimming Lesson Registration

Swimming Lesson Levels

Pool Programs

Supervision Requirements – Main Pool

Supervision requirements are enforced at all recreational swim programs and pool rentals. Our requirements indicate the maximum number of children that one responsible person, who is at least 14 years old, is able to supervise.

Children 0-4 Years Old

  • If you have a child who is 0 to 4 years of age, you must be in the water and within arms’ reach of the child at all times. One adult can supervise a maximum of three children who are 0-4 years old.

Children 5-10 Years Old

  • If you have a child who is 5 – 10 years of age, you must be in the water and within arms’ reach of the child at all times OR
  • The child must wear a lifejacket while in the water OR
  • The child must complete the facility swim test (see Facility Swim Test below)
  • If a child between the ages of 5 and 10 has successfully completed a facility swim test, direct supervision is not required. You are encouraged to remain at the facility and you are encouraged to remain in sight of the child.

Children 11+ 

  • Children 11 years of age or older do not require direct parent supervision. You are encouraged to remain at the facility and you are encouraged to remain in sight of the child.

Supervision Requirements – Paddling Pool

The Paddling Pool is available for use by children up to 8 years of age. Children must be directly supervised by a parent or other responsible person at least 14 years of age while using the Paddling Pool (supervising from the Paddling Pool benches or pool edge is acceptable).

Facility Swim Test

Upon arrival at the swim, you’ll complete a facility swim test. To successfully complete the test, you must demonstrate that you can swim continuously for at least 25 metres and you must be able to put your face in the water and breathe while swimming. This test is usually completed in the shallow end of the Main Pool where children swim two widths of the pool.

2023 Pool Fees

Day Visit

Family $15.00

Adult (18-54) $6.00

Senior (55+) $6.00

Child (5-17) 6.00

Tot (0-4) $3.00

Season Pass

Family $176.00

Adult (18-54) $94.00

Senior (55+) $78.00

Child (5-17) $78.00

Tot (0-4) $62.00

Private Pool Rental (Main Pool)

Up to 60 people $160.00/hour plus GST

*For rentals with over 60 people, additional lifeguards will be required ($25/hour/lifeguard)

Toonie Swim Sponsorship $250

Free Swim Sponsorship $500

Swimming Lessons

Parent & Tot $30 (per week)

Preschool 1 – Swimmer 2 $55.00

Swimmer 3 – Swimmer 6 $60.00

Patrol Levels per session $70

Bronze Cross or Medallion $110.00

National Lifeguard No Charge Materials Fee $96.13

LSS Swim Instructor No Charge Materials Fee $90.51

LSS Lifesaving Instructor Not offered in 2023

  • Prices include GST and PST unless otherwise noted
  • A family is defined as immediate family related by birth or legal status. Maximum of 8 people per family pass. Maximum of 2 adults (18+) per family pass.

About the Wynyard Swimming Pool

The Wynyard Swimming Pool is a heated outdoor pool for all ages. Play toys are provided and lifeguards are always on duty.

The facility opens its doors the May long weekend (weather permitting) and operates until the end of August.

  • Jr. Olympic size pool (25 m X 12.25 m – four lanes)
  • 3 m & 1 m diving boards

About the Wynyard Paddling Pool

Located adjacent to the main swimming pool, the Wynyard Paddling Pool is a heated outdoor pool for children 8 and under.

What to wear

Health and Safety regulations state that street clothes are not permitted in public pools. Swimmers are welcome to wear swimwear and different types of cover up options to swim comfortably. Your cover up clothing should only be worn for swimming just like your bathing suit. We recommend these items be made of spandex material. Here are some helpful examples:

Appropriate Swimwear

Bathing suits such as bikinis, swim shorts, one-piece suits and burkinis are all great options for comfortable swimming.

Appropriate swim wear includes bathing suits, bathing trunks, bikinis, and burkinis

Appropriate Cover Ups

Wearing spandex long sleeve shirts, tights, t-shirts, or fitness shorts are appropriate and safe ways to cover up while swimming. We do not recommend loose fitting clothing as they can become heavy in the water.

appropriate covers includes spandex tshirts, tights, and shorts

Inappropriate Swimwear

Clothing that is not considered appropriate swimwear are undergarments, street clothes, or spandex that was worn for another purpose, such as working out right before swimming. All swimwear and cover ups should be clean when entering the pool.