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Community Infrastructure

Raw Water

Wynyard has a system of 10 wells from which raw water is obtained and treated for the town. Watermark Consulting did a study several years ago that identified an area in the Kandahar region (where the Wynyard Aquifer and the Hatfield Aquifer meet) that, if needed, could provide an additional source of groundwater.

Water Treatment

Wynyard has approximately 650,000 cubic meters of potable water available through the town’s treatment system, at full capacity. The town’s current 5-year average use is 448,000 cubic meters of water.

Wynyard’s water treatment plant uses filtration, chlorination, and sometimes Potassium Permanganate. It has a capacity of approximately 500,000 gallons/day and a storage capacity of 1,255,320 gallons. There is a large water demand due to the poultry plant (Sofina Foods), which uses approximately 60-65% of the town’s potable water.

Wynyard faces an issue of high ammonia levels in the water, which requires use of large amounts of chlorine in the treatment process. This practice can lead to disinfection residue in the town’s distribution system. Fortunately, there have not been any instances of contaminated water, as town workers are very diligent in their treatment and monitoring of the water system.

If the supply of raw water were to increase, the treatment of additional water volume would require the construction of a new water treatment plant and possibly a reverse osmosis system.

Wastewater / Sewage

The Town of Wynyard has a large, facultative lagoon northwest of Wynyard. The lagoon has capacity to accommodate significant population growth, with the assumption that there are no major changes in the poultry industry in Saskatchewan.

There are some challenges with the sewer system, and this is the main infrastructure limitation for population growth. The lagoon pipeline, which is a double line, has a suspected breach in one of the lines and needs replacement in the near future. There is also a potential bottleneck in the sewage system along 10th Street East that could limit growth unless a new sewer lift station is developed; this upgrade would be part of any future development. A lagoon pipeline replacement project is being considered as well as replacement of remaining cast iron water mains.

Water Stewardship Initiatives

Wynyard encourages people to conserve water, e.g., not to take long showers. Sofina Foods has taken steps over the past number of years to reduce their water usage in poultry farming. The Town of Wynyard has not needed to bring in water rationing for at least 20 years.

Stormwater Management

Wynyard has very good drainage, which is complemented by two storm sewers and a flood control ditch. The town also has a coulee at the east and west ends of town that allow for a lot of unimpeded water flow.

Solid Waste Management

The community has curbside recycling pickup services contracted through “Easy Bin Waste Removal” . The town has a recycling facility that is complemented by a third party (SARCAN). There is also a voluntary compost pile operated by the town.


Wynyard owns a disposal site / landfill 8 km west of the town that is currently 80% full. Plans are in motion to build another landfill, with all preliminary work done. Currently a new pit has been dug within the location of the existing landfill to increase capacity. With planned expansion, landfill capacity will not be an issue.

Qualified Operators

Wynyard has four fully certified water operators on staff, each achieving their Level 2 certification, and dedicated landfill operators.

  • Water Treatment (WT2), Water Distribution (WD2), Wastewater Treatment (WWT1), Wastewater Collection (WWC1)
  • Water Treatment (WT2), Water Distribution (WD2), Wastewater Treatment (WWT2), Wastewater Collection (WWC2)
  • Water Treatment (WT2), Water Distribution (WD2), Wastewater Treatment (WWT2), Wastewater Collection (WWC2)
  •  Water Treatment (WT2), Water Distribution (WD2), Wastewater Treatment (WWT2), Wastewater Collection (WWC2)