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Community Development

This Official Community Plan was adopted by the Town of Wynyard, in accordance with sections 29 and 32 of The Planning and Development Act, 2007, (the Act) to provide a framework of goals, objectives, and policies to guide the management and use of land, along with its future development, within the Town limits. The Plan was designed to assist decision-makers in securing the future and current goals of the community while evaluating the future effects of decisions regarding land use planning.

The Town of Wynyard recognizes the importance of a Plan to accommodate future population growth, expansion of the local economy, and enhancement of social, cultural, and recreational opportunities. The Official Community Plan (OCP) will:

  • Prioritize future decisions and actions
  • Foster consistency between the administration and Council decisions around both strategic planning and future directions
  • Identify population/demographic shifts
  • Manage Town priorities
  • Provide a long-term Plan that strengthens the Town’s role as a regional hub for both economic and social activities.