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Water Reports

Public Reporting on Municipal Waterworks

Section 54 of The Municipalities Act Regulation provides that on or before September of each year, every Council must make the following information available to the public through its municipal office: 

(a) the municipality’s current rate policy and capital investment strategy as adopted pursuant to sections 52 and 53;

(b) a financial overview that includes the following information respecting the municipality’s municipal waterworks for the previous calendar year:

(i) a statement of the municipality’s revenues, expenditures, debt payments, and transfers to and from all funds;

(ii) a comparison of the municipality’s revenues to the municipality’s expenditures and debt payments expressed as a ratio. 

(iii) any explanation of the ratio mentioned in subclause (ii) that the municipality considers necessary;

(c) the municipality’s current reserves;

(d) the most recent independent engineering assessment conducted pursuant to section 35 of The Water Regulations, 2002 respecting the municipal waterworks;

(e) capital plans for infrastructure projects;

(f) the sources of funding to be used for the infrastructure projects mentioned in clause (e);

(g) all current agreements entered into by the municipality respecting the provision of municipal waterworks services.