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Official Community Plan

Section 32 of the Planning and Development Act (2007) states that an Official Community Plan must incorporate applicable provincial land use policies and statements of provincial interest, with respect to: 

  • Sustainable current and future land use and development in the municipality;
  • Current and future economic development;
  • The general provision of public works;
  • The management of lands that are subject to natural hazards, including flooding, slumping, and slope instability;
  • The management of environmentally sensitive lands;
  • Source water protection; and
  • The means of implementing the Official Community Plan.

An Official Community Plan may also include:

  • Statements of municipal policy regarding sustainable current and future land use and development in the Municipality;
  • Policies regarding the coordination of municipal programs relating to development;
  • Policies regarding the use of dedicated lands;
  • Concept plans, pursuant to the Act;
  • A map or series of maps that denote current or future land use or policy areas;
  • Any other statements of policy relating to the physical, environmental, economic, social, or cultural development of the Municipality that the Council considers advisable; and
  • Policies that address the coordination of land use and development, future growth patterns, and public works with adjacent municipalities.

2011 Official Community Plan