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Pet Licensing, Fines and Penalties

Observing the requirements of Bylaw #32/13 Dogs and Cats Bylaw are steps you can take to ensure you are being a responsible pet owner.


Every owner of a dog or cat three (3) months old or older shall, not later than the 31st day of January in each year, or within thirty (30) days of becoming an owner of a dog or cat, obtain a licence and shall pay an annual fee. The licence shall not be transferable to any other dog or cat or owner.  The onus of proof as to the date when the owner actually became the owner of the dog or cat in question shall be on the owner. 

Pet Licensing Fees

Male Neutered$10.00
Male Non-Neutered$20.00
Female Spayed$10.00
Female Non-Spayed$20.00
Dangerous Dog$200.00

*To get a pet licence, please visit the Town Office at 435 Bosworth Street, Wynyard, SK.  

Dog Licence Application Form                       Cat Licence Application Form

At Large Animals 

Dogs and cats are not permitted to be at large. When outside of the owner’s property all animals must be on a leash.   (Penalty up to $250.00, additionally, if impounded, the fee is $50.00 plus all housing and veterinary costs).

While cats do not generally pose a threat to people’s safety, they are often found running at large and can be a real nuisance, damaging gardens and flower beds, leaving their droppings behind, and roaming on other people’s properties.

Any animal found running at large may be impounded by the Animal Control Officer or any person designated by Council.

The Scoop on Poop 

Clean up after your pet. If a pet defecates on any property other than the owner’s, the pet owner must remove the defecation immediately.  This rule also applies to pet owners who run their animals at the Sportsgrounds or walk their animals in the coulee. Pet owners must also remove defecation from their own property regularly. (Penalty of up to $250.00)

Animal Noise 

Do not allow your pet to create excessive noise by ululating, howling, or barking. Loud animals can create an undue hardship on shift workers, seniors, and sleeping infants, as well as proving an annoyance to all neighbors. The bylaw states that a dog or cat is creating a disturbance if it's ululating or barking and can be easily heard by a person not situated on the property where the dog or cat is situated. Any owner of a dog or cat creating a disturbance shall be required to take immediate action to eliminate the disturbance. (Penalty up to $250.00)

Dangerous Dogs 

Owning a dog declared “dangerous” by a judge results either in mandatory compliance with several provincial regulations or destruction of the dog. Do not allow your pet to jump aggressively or threaten others, or cause damage to other property or animals.