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Private Dwellings in 2021 (% change from 2016)

810 (-2.9%)

Private Dwellings Occupied by Usual Residents in 2021 (% change from 2016)

630 (0.8%)

Average Household Size


2021 Community Housing

  • Single-detached House


  • Semi-detached House


  • Row House


  • Apartments


  • Other Single-Attached House


  • Mobile Dwelling



  • Owner


  • Renter


  • Band Housing

None Identified


  • Suitable / Not suitable

780 suitable, 25 not suitable

  • Regular Maintenance Needed


  • Major Maintenance Needed


Housing Cost

  • Spending less than 30% of income on shelter costs


  • Spending 30% or more of income on shelter costs


  • Median value of dwellings ($)


  • Median monthly shelter costs for rented dwellings ($)


  • % of tenant households in subsidized housing


Housing Market

Sales Activity

In November 2022, there were 34 homes for sale raging in price from $80,000 to $400,000; empty lots go for $13,000 to $30,000. To see some homes for sale in Wynyard, please click here.

Key Housing Challenges in the Community

Housing is in demand, but the supply does not keep up, especially for quality rental units. There are approximately 1-2 new builds a year, a drop from 4-5 builds 7-10 years ago. There are many infills and recently developed lots available for housing. There is also a lot of land available within the town’s borders to fulfill the expected development needs for many years. 

A key challenge is the high cost of development. People come to small towns for affordability; however, this goal can be difficult to achieve when the cost to purchase land and build (or bring in a ready-to-move home) is in the range of $500,000 plus.

Description of Rental Market

Although a rental market is important, the community would like to see more home ownership. The Town of Wynyard does support other housing options through agreements with the Saskatchewan Housing Authority or their local counterpart, the Wynyard Housing Authority, or through Zoning Bylaw that allow mobile home areas and modular homes.

The rental market is comparable with other communities of similar size, with average 1-bedroom units at $350/month and 2-bedroom units at $400/month. It is estimated that the rental market has 75 units total.

Ability to Accommodate Growth (Maximum Growth and Growth Constraints)

Upgrades to sewer, roads, and water infrastructure would be needed to accommodate a growing community and additional housing. The town could accommodate 20 temporary residents. 

Temporary Rental Market (Hotels, Motels, Airbnb)

The community has two hotels and two motels, with some livable rooms-Seven Bell’s B&B, Arrowhead Motor Inn, Southshore Motor Lodge. There is also bed and breakfast, a campground, and a suite above the subway restaurant for rent.