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Health and Social Services

The Town of Wynyard has various health and social services available. We have a hospital, medical clinic/health centre, paramedical services, emergency medical service, dental centre, long-term facilities, pharmacy, among others. Mental health practitioners and social services come to Town at least once a month.  

Health Services


Wynyard Hospital is an integrated facility that supports acute, respite, and long-term care. The hospital has 8 beds inside the integrated facility and 57 beds and 2 respite beds in long term care. The hospital has a staff of approximately 100 employees and houses x-ray and lab facilities. Approximately 15 registered nurses work at the hospital and nursing home.

Wynyard’s existing health facilities could accommodate population growth if funding were provided by the provincial government. Currently funding comes from the ministry of health. Doctors are incorporated and are not on salary; overhead charges for each doctor are used to fund the clinic. Funding for doctors would be lacking if not for the ministry of health funding. The clinic would run a deficit if it were not funded by the provincial government. 

Medical Clinics or Health Centers

Wynyard Clinic is by appointment only. The clinic has five doctors and one nurse practitioner.

The community clinic has had some success in recruiting and retaining doctors and nurses despite there not being an official local doctor / nurse recruitment and retention program. The Saskatchewan Health Authority is responsible for all nurses. 

Paramedical Services

Paramedical services in Wynyard include a chiropractor, a physiotherapist, massage therapists, and optometrists.

Mental Health

There are no fulltime mental health providers in Wynyard. Most of mental health services are provided by professionals coming into the community once a month, or by residents traveling to other centres to access this service. More information about services and programs on mental health are found on Partners Family Services.

Social Services and Issues

Community health services (Wynyard and district) include mental health, addiction counselling, and social workers. However, they are only available once a month.

Dental Care

Wynyard Dental Center

Long-Term Care Facilities

Golden Acres Special Care Home has 4 respite beds and 56 long-term care beds. Wynyard CARRES Group Home provides long-term care.


Wynyard Pharmacy provides the following services:

  • Prescription refills, delivery, and transfers
  • Flu shots
  • COVID-19 vaccines and testing
  • Diabetes management
  • Blood pressure measurement 
  • Women’s health

Other Community Services

Services Available for Newcomers

Welcome packages, low-income rental housing, and local volunteers are available to help newcomers. 

Services Available for Homeless

None Identified

Services Available for Seniors

Services available to seniors include meals on wheels, homecare, wheelchair accessible transportation, dedicated seniors programming and classes (e.g., “forever in motion”) and a special services bus.

Services for Youth

Youth services include hockey, baseball, art, dance, and summer camp.

Services for People with Disabilities

Special Services Bus; sloped curbs, new buildings with access.

Services for Single Mothers and Low-Income Families

Wynyard Housing Authority, Social Services, daycare, and food bank

Service Gaps / Needs

There are no dedicated services for LGBTQ2S+.