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Public Transportation

Wynyard does not have public transportation. The town provides a special services bus to those with accessibility issues that operates 7 days a week. The Paratransit bus provides services for seniors and those with mobility disabilities. Please call 306-554-7608 


There is an airport with 3,000 feet of paved airstrip, The airport is operated jointly by the Town of Wynyard and the Rural Municipality of Big Quill.

Road Quality

Regular maintenance and replacement of paved roads, sidewalks, and curbs and gutters are ongoing. It is very costly to replace linear assets. These assets are decent but are starting to show their age. Town roads are 98% paved but require upgrades.

Traffic Issues

Traffic issues include

  • Congestion (especially around the Co-op store)
  • Need for improved signage
  • Snow / ice removal delays in winter  
  • No designated bike lanes 
  • Accessibility (i.e., crossing the highway for people with disabilities)

Highway 16 runs through the Town of Wynyard with the speed limit reduced to 70 km/hour. One major concern is the high number of access points along the highway. There are 18 access points to Highway 16 within the town’s borders, and, although there are very few accidents, the intersection of Highway 16 and Bosworth Street is always a concern, especially once the Coop food store was built across the highway on the South Service Road.

There is not much concern with railway safety. Wynyard has one “flasher” crossing, one regular crossing, and one private crossing within the community. 

The Town of Wynyard is a member of the Northeast Area Transportation Planning Committee.