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Landfill Regulations - Hazardous Materials

The operations of the Town of Wynyard’s landfill are subject to regulations issued by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. The Ministry of Environment issues to the Town of Wynyard a “Permit to Operate – Waste Disposal Grounds”. That permit contains the following clauses: 

Section 3.8: Pursuant to Section 10 of The Municipal Refuse Management Regulations the Permittee shall not allow the disposal of any liquid domestic waste, hazardous substances or waste dangerous goods, or other prohibited material at the waste disposal ground unless otherwise approved in this Permit. 

Section 7.4: The Operations Plan shall include information that addresses, but is not limited to the site operation including:

e) a program for detecting and preventing the disposal of hazardous and unauthorized wastes. 

Please note that asbestos is considered a hazardous material. Many items in home construction prior to the mid-1980s likely contain asbestos. Please be advised that it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that any home or business construction or renovation waste does not contain asbestos. Any suspected asbestos-containing waste will not be accepted at the Town of Wynyard’s landfill unless accompanied by a document confirming the waste is free of asbestos. Full enforcement of these regulations will be effective May 1, 2022.  

If you are planning on undertaking any home or business construction or renovation project, please contact the Town Office and we will give you contact information for a local resident who deals with testing for asbestos and can advise on the disposal of asbestos material. Contact the Town of Wynyard at (306) 554-2123 or e-mail to 

Issued this 28 day of March 2022 

Jason Chorneyko 

Chief Administrative Officer